Get Involved

LiveWell Douglas County is leading a movement to build communities that support the health and well-being for all. This includes inspiring and advancing policy, systems and environmental changes that make it easier for Douglas County, Kansas, residents to lead healthy lives.

More specifically, the purpose of the coalition is to:

  1. Develop short and long-term goals and plans to improve community health.
  2. Align and coordinate member efforts so that they are mutually reinforcing.
  3. Inform the public about issues related to the health of the community.
  4. Mobilize public support for policy, systems, and environmental changes that improve community health and wellness.

Membership shall be open to any individual or organization that supports the LiveWell vision and mission. We encourage participation and inclusiveness in order to address the diverse and changing needs of the community.

To get involved, contact the following coalition work group leaders

Healthy Built Environment

Healthy Food For All

Healthy Kids

Sexual Violence Prevention

Tobacco-Free Living