Strategy and Opportunities

Strategy: Enhance access to healthy food for low-income families.

Opportunities for Community Action
  • Establish waste minimizing practices and policies with supermarkets, restaurants, cafeterias, schools, hospitals and any other large feeding institutions, restaurants and stores by supplying excess to food banks serving Douglas County (for low-income families)
  • Promote and advocate for changes in local food bank and pantry policies and practices that improve the nutrition and health status of communities, including:
      • Implementing choice-based systems
      • Providing incentives for selecting healthy whole local foods
      • Providing evidence-based case management
      • Promoting SNAP enrollment
      • Increasing capacity for storing and distributing healthy whole foods
      • Establishing new locations
      • Improving transit access to existing locations
  • Establish a system that engages low-income families as food growers
  • Establish a system that engages low-income families as small food business operators
  • Establish new opportunities to purchase fresh produce in North Lawrence and other parts of Douglas County with limited options, including farmer’s markets, integration into existing retail options, or opening corner stores
  • Promote and advocate for increased enrollment in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) through efforts including dollar for dollar matching programs, community-wide campaigns that destigmatize food assistance and improve understanding of the benefits of SNAP participation
Strategy and Opportunities for Community Action are identified in the Douglas County Community Health Plan.