Strategy and Opportunities

Strategy: Make it easier for residents to walk, bike, and wheel to everyday destinations.

Opportunities for Community Action

  • Create new (or modify existing) advisory committees to make recommendations to local governing bodies regarding issues that affect people walking, biking, using assistive devices, and taking public transit
  • Expand and promote increased availability and use of active transportation networks, including development of safe routes for walking and biking to school and other destinations, including jobs, affordable housing, health care, grocery stores, recreational, cultural and arts amenities, tourist attractions, natural sites and more
  • Create/improve sidewalk infrastructure
  • Create/improve trail infrastructure
  • Promote and advocate for an inclusive approach to planning, designing and managing public facilities (including recreation areas, schools, etc.) that meet or exceed Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards and incorporates principles of universal design to provide the greatest level of access to all users
  • Promote and advocate for healthy community design policies and practices that encourage and support physical activity
  • Increase the variety of physical activity opportunities, including indoor opportunities, parks, and open spaces, and provide additional information about these opportunities in a community-wide campaign
Strategy and Opportunities for Community Action are identified in the Douglas County Community Health Plan.